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Hotel Árran Nordkapp has existed since 1988. Up until 1991, it had the character of a “leisure activity”. Aina Solbakk, the owner, started by renting out a few rooms in the family's private home. The room capacity has steadily grown and today, in 2004, there are 100 beds.

The Sami culture, nesting cliffs and coastal fisherman have become the hotel's trademark. Aina's father, Kalle, the last of the island's older generation fishermen, is still active. Almost every day during the summer season, you can find him out on the banks in his well-used boat, fishing for “the catch of the day” for our guests and the family. We can assure our guests that they cannot find fresher and better seafood.

During their stay at Hotel Árran Nordkapp, our guests enjoy a unique opportunity to learn a bit about our way of life close to the Arctic Sea. Even a short stay at our hotel will help our guests understand why the Sami are traditionally known as a friendly and hospitable people. We aim to make all our guests feel welcome and at home.

Kamøyvær, the small but very active fishing village where the hotel is situated, is approximately 20 km from the North Cape Plateau. Kamøyvær became a seaport thanks to the rich fisheries during the early 20 th century. Today, 140 souls live in the village. Most of us are still dependent on the riches of the sea. During the short summer season, quite a few are occupied with tourism, and particularly in hosting tourists who visit the North Cape. Hotell Árran Nordkapp is among these.

On the following pages, you will find some photos showing the village of Kamøyvær and the hotel.